Professional floor cleaning is available for offices and businesses, or commercial spaces. Ortiz professionals can handle concrete, hardwood, wood laminate, tile, natural stone, vinyl and linoleum sheet floors. We can clean just one room or an entire building. Many people hire us for routine cleaning as well as removing food and drink stains, oil or grease stains, and dirt stains. Furniture can be moved by us when requested in advance. There are several factors that affect the cost of professional floor cleaning.

Type of floor
What the floor is made of directly affects the cost of services. Depending on the company and its cleaning techniques, different flooring materials have different prices per square foot. Linoleum and vinyl composite tiles (VCT) floors are generally the least expensive to clean. However we can strip and rewax linoleum and VCT floors during cleanings, which increases the price. In this case, basic cleaning of tile and grout is actually lower. Natural stone, such as marble or travertine, is often the most expensive to clean. Here’s how the pricing is broken down:

  • 1,000-square-foot VCT or linoleum floor: $295–$495

    • The lower end of the range may only include a top-coat cleaning, while the higher end includes stripping off the original finish, detailed cleaning, waxing and sealing of the floor, plus two or three floor finishes.

      • High-gloss finish costs $100 extra

  • 1,000-square-foot natural stone floor: $900

Price per square foot
Many floor cleaning pros charge by the square foot. The cost to clean vinyl per square foot is usually lower than the cost to clean natural stone per square foot. Costs vary depending on the cleaning techniques, equipment and products used as well as the number of work hours required. Ortiz Cleaning Services charges the following:

  • Tile and grout simple scrub: 20 cents per square foot

  • Tile and grout cleaning, plus sealer and high-end, eco-friendly cleaning products: 50 cents per square foot

  • Most residential VCT flooring: 60 cents per square foot, including stripping off original finish, detailed cleaning, waxing and sealing of the floor, plus two or three floor finishes

  • Heavily trafficked VCT flooring (such as in commercial spaces): 70 cents to 75 cents per square foot, including stripping off original finish, detailed cleaning, waxing and sealing of the floor, plus two or three floor finishes depending on how often the strping and waxing is scheduled.

  • Burnishing natural stone floor with a diamond impregnated pad: $1.50 per square foot

    • This is the most budget-friendly method of stone floor cleaning and includes a dust mop and sweep prior to cleaning.

  • Polishing floor with diamond powder: $2.10 per square foot, including floor wash to prep grout line, application of powder solution, polishing, and cleaning up and sealing

  • Grinding off top layer of natural stone to refinish it (also called diamond cutting or honing): $4–$6 per square foot

    • Be wary of a company that doesn’t offer natural stone cleaning alternatives to diamond cutting. If the floor isn’t too dirty, the cheaper options can work just fine.

The larger the floor area to be cleaned, the lower the cost per square foot. It takes time and effort to arrive at a job site with equipment, so when professionals can consolidate more work hours at one location, they can usually offer lower rates. For example, here are tiered prices for tile and grout cleaning based on size:

Regular scheduled top coat cleaning contract with striping and waxing or carpet extracting quarterly:

  • Over 10,000 square feet: 25 cents per square foot

  • 5,000–10,000 square feet: 39 cents per square foot

  • Up to 5,000 square feet: 50 cents per square foot

Minimum service charge
Many floor cleaners charge a minimum fee to cover the time, labor and overhead of arriving at a job site. We charge a $150 minimum fee. If the company provides tile cleaning for 200 square feet (200 x 50 cents) of flooring, the cost per square foot is $100, but to meet the minimum service requirement, the flat rate for that job would be $150.

Cleaning stairs adds to the overall cost of floor cleaning. Stairs often have to be hand cleaned, which requires more effort and takes longer. On average we charge $1 per tile stair for hand cleaning. So two flights of tile stairs with 10 steps each would cost $200.

What’s next?
Contact us to schedule a discovery call to see what your needs are. We will then come to your business to measure and give you a free estimate?

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